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We help artists and industry professionals, at all levels, build sustainable careers within a trusted creative community of mentoring, collaborating, networking and education.

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Coalition Music Testimonials

The more I learned at Coalition Music, the more comfortable I felt navigating the ocean that is the music industry.

Ben Caplan, Artist Entrepreneur Program

The Coalition Music Artist Entrepreneur program had been a significant help in my career. It has helped me with building a network of musicians and professionals in the music industry who were able to guide me through important decisions I had to make. It taught me the importance of establishing your mission and finding who

Andee (Andrée-Anne Leclerc), Artist Entrepreneur Program

Not only did the Coalition Music Artist Entrepreneur program expand my horizons and the scale of my goals, it equipped me with insights, strategies and habits that have significantly improved my career path.

PRTY H3RO’s Trophy Kid Diz, Artist Entrepreneur Program

We have had great experiences recording at Coalition Studios on four separate occasions. The control room boasts a vintage NEVE console for warm tracking and they have the live room facilities and space to also record full live-off-the-floor sets or songs if need be. As a guitarist, I felt I was in a candy store

Time Giant’s Tyrone Buccione, Studio Client

Overall, whether I was working on the live side, production, social media, or marketing, I found it very beneficial to keep an open mind, because I was guaranteed to have an “aha” moment with each area. Whether it was learning how a web platform works, to how fans might engage with my music via a

Jean-Paul De Roover, Artist Entrepreneur Program

I have worked with the amazing staff at Coalition Music (Studios) on a number of projects including the original score for the movie “Randy Rhoads : The Quiet Riot Years”, the “Metal On Ice” album (Coalition Music (Records)/Warner), the Guitar Melodica IV album (Opening Day), and a number of other TV and Radio projects. The

Sean Kelly, Studio Client

It’s a lot in a short frame of time, but if the artist is very talented and has been working hard at the art for a long time with less results than they expect or deserve, the AE Program is perfect. It’s that extra bit of guidance and a team of supportive people that you

Dynesti Williams, Artist Entrepreneur Program

I can proudly say that this program has changed my life completely in a good way. I know who I want to be, what my goals in life are and I have some plans for after high school. I know it sounds really corny, but I really don’t know what to say to the people

Lester Ruiz, High School Student

[Coalition Music] made the recording session a joy to be involved with and we are really looking forward to hearing the final product. You guys have a class operation.

Tony Johnstone, Studio Client

I just want to say this has been the greatest learning experience of my life. I’ve never been in a more welcoming and open environment. Being able to discuss and work through issues with knowledgeable guidance is unheard of and I really appreciate it.

Taylor Battista, Artist Entrepreneur Program

The program has had a significant impact on my understanding of the music business, and how one can go about making a living as a musician. Prior to the program I was uncomfortable with the idea of pursuing music as a career as it has been given a bad rep in terms of a stable

Christian Carpino, High School Student

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Coalition Music, Canada’s Music Incubator and TEMPO Educates is located within Coalition Music’s facility on Lawrence just east of Victoria Park. Visit us at 1731 Lawrence Avenue East in Toronto, Ontario.